The Entheogen

by Without Waves

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Kamilla Dyreborg Bonnichsen
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Kamilla Dyreborg Bonnichsen When I'm having a bad day, I can put on this record, and soon I'll be smiling!
That's the sign of making it! It's fun, it's crazy and it sounds AWESOME!!! Favorite track: The Entheogen.
erica davis
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erica davis I love this band because its made up of some of the most eclectic and talented people I have personally known. Every time I see them live its a familiar, but new. They are always manipulating their sound and I never get bored. I have been following their career for over 5 years. They are one of my favorite metal bands and I listen to a bunch of metal!!! Favorite track: Blood & Rust.
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(free) 03:24


released January 14, 2014

"The Entheogen"

Without Waves is:

Zac Lombardi - Guitar
Anthony Cwan - Vocals/Guitar
Garry Naples - Drums
John Picillo - Bass/Vocals

Recorded at I.V. Labs Studios
Recorded and Engineered by Oscar Salinas
Additional Engineering by Rollin Weary
Mastered by Collin Jordan at The Boiler Room
"TV II" & "Blood & Rust" Mixed by Oscar Salinas at I.V. Labs Studios
"The Entheogen" Mixed by Chris Djuricic at Belle City Sound

Art by Antonio Salcedo
Layout by Mark Sugar

"The Entheogen" & "Blood & Rust" written and performed by Without Waves

Performed by Without Waves



all rights reserved


Without Waves Chicago, Illinois

Without Waves is the product of an artistic experimentation between its four members. Blending influences from extreme metal to jazz fusion to electronic & atmospheric rock, the music features unconventional rhythms, diverse melodies, and expressive lyrics. The band members seek to constantly challenge themselves as musicians and advance their creativity. ... more


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Track Name: The Entheogen
Time is an attribute of conscious experience
Weaving the fabric of all joy and malevolence
That shapes the space between a birth and an afterlife
Conglomerated, we are one, we are all, we are everything

Break from your boundaries and run to the sun

Repeated patterns
Creep into
Solar motives that you set

We, Me, I
Ignorant Time
Shining through slits in the clouds

Run to the sun
Break from your boundaries be gone

Psychonaut, stars will align in tune
God bring me closer to the Sun and the Moon
Launching the trinity to rupture the atmosphere
Bask in divinity, aim high, third eye, I and I, watch it go

Break from your boundaries be gone

Bring me the knowledge of
Divine universal truth
Within conarium
The true seat of thy soul

Create God
Deep, Within We Are
One Become One
The Entheogen

Wait this is no way to lose control
Mind fall, from the cup half full

Slithering, shivering
Gliding out of body
Feel the future
Through my fingertips

Soothing you so soft and slowly

Wait this is no way to lose control
Mind fall, from the cup half full

Slithering, shivering
Told me to pull over
Take a load off
Get your REM
No headlights, no brakes, who's driving?

Wait this is no way to lose control
Mind fall, from the cup half full

Born into a world makes us bleed and suffer
Tearing flesh from bone
I enter into the unknown

If you can't understand what we mean you soon will

Wait this is no way to lose control
Mind fall, from the cup half full
Track Name: Blood & Rust
I walked for miles through muck and mud
I built a house made of blood and rust
It's up to me

To see in the dark is something I crave
Black figures now cast away
Head underwater, no you're not my child
Restless yet dreaming while

Rip the seams
Wasted life

I laid the nail on a gilded edge
I spoke the words you never said
What will be will be

Beyond the pale
Beyond the sea
Beyond everything you meant to me

There lies a house that's been covered in rust
No faith in both of us

Watch it bleed
Wasted life

Is there something you want me to say
Ease in your world
Crippled and broken

Is there something you want me to say
Ease in your world
Words left unspoken

Is there something you want me to say
Try not to think
Keep it in the distance

Is there something you want me to say
Because I have no words
To listen to let go tonight

Is there something you want me to say
Then I will
All your blood stains
All built to spill

Do what you do
I mean what I say
You’re impossible to me

Kill my fear